Get involved

How to Help

You too can get involved and consider helping Ananya Trust in whatever way you can, whether it be with your money, materials or volunteering your time.

Volunteers are most welcome.
Ananya Trust generally encourages a long term commitment of a year. The volunteers can contact the coordinating agency: The International Cultural and Youth Exchange (ICYE). They assist potential volunteers with all the necessary paper work.

Your help, will help Ananya, to help the children reach their goals, achieve their aspirations, to live better lives and become valuable members of society.

Networking is an important aspect, as without the cooperation and sharing of ideas and resources with other organizations, the task that Ananya Trust has undertaken would be difficult to tackle.

Sponser a Child

Expense Rs. per month

Food 1000

Medical Care 250

Utilities 400

Study Expenses 1000

Staff Salaries 300

Transport 1300

Stipend 750

Total 4000

One time contributions: annual/or in installments:


Rs. per Year

Excursions 300000

Repair and maintenance 200000

Clean drinking water 100000

Cooking gas 60000

If you are interested in sponsoring a child or donating contact us with the details.